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Vörunúmer: 344842

Sfera Classe 300EOS Wi-Fi Skjár

Litur: Hvítur


2 wires/Wi-Fi handsfree connected video internal unit white finish with built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant, 5” vertical touch screen LCD display and video door entry answering machine. It has a physical key for door lock release and capacitive keys for the control of the main video door entry functions: handsfree communication, entrance panel activation / camera scrolling and Favourite key (can be configured to activate the quick actions most frequently used – e.g. additional door locks, staircase light control, intercom). There are notification LEDs for: Wi-Fi network connection status, info / notifications and call exclusion. It is possible to easily interact with the built-in Alexa voice assistant, either using the dedicated capacitive keys or with your voice, and activate several functions, such as the video door entry functions, Smart Home, scenarios, reminders etc. Using the touch display, it is possible to access the notification list, as well as your favourite door entry, security and Smart Home controls (if any). The device must be configured by physically connecting the configurators or using the menu, which will give better possibilities of customisation of associated functions and texts. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can associate the video internal unit to the Home + Security App (available for Android and iOS). The App allows to use the main video internal unit functions (receiving calls, door lock release, display of the event timeline and activation of the entrance panel/camera cycling). Through the Home + Security App, it is also possible to manage the products of the Netatmo security range (outdoor and indoor cameras, door and window sensors, indoor siren and smoke detector). This allows you to quickly and easily create a Smart security system. The device also allows to create and manage Smart Home functions using the wired SCS BUS solution, without the need for adding dedicated webserver. Wall mounted installation using the supplied bracket Possibility of Wi-Fi connection or using RJ45 ethernet cable with the dedicated accessory 344844.