Karfan þín er tóm

S. Guðjónsson

Leading in it´s field.

S. Gudjonsson is a leading import and distribution company for high quality electrical material, lighting equipment and IT infrastructure materials. The company focuses on solutions and offers industry leading brands. Project driven solutions are one of S.Gudjonsson focus area and has a wide range of customer base such as electrical installers, architects, specifiers, lighting designer and interior designers.

Long term suppliers.

S. Gudjonsson represents many prestigious brands and shares with them a dynamic collaboration which is specially important for the market size of Iceland where in many cases we need to act as an agent, distributor and reseller. Developing a strong partnership with our suppliers is very important and we take our role as an exclusive partner seriously. Some of our suppliers have been with us from the beginning which shows the dedicated support needed in such long term partnership.

Our history goes back to 1958 when founded by Sigurdur Gudjonsson, and has since 1967 imported and distributed electrical products.


We are centrally located at Smidjuvegur 3 in Kopavogur, in the Reykjavik City area.

S. Gudjonsson is a part of Fagkaup ltd. KT nr. 670169-5459, VSK nr. 11784.