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Vörunúmer: 4007841002800

360° viðveruskynjari
Gerð: HF 360 COM1
Varnarflokkur: IP20
Litur: Hvítur

Doesn't miss a thing. HF-presence detector Presence Control PRO HF 360 COM1 for indoors, ideal for WCs with toilet cubicles, changing rooms, stairwells, multi-storey car parks, kitchens, installation height up to 3.5 m, for switching light 'ON' and 'OFF', 1 – 12 m reach, reach is electronically adjustable and can be limited in two directions, detection regardless of temperature, HF-sensor technology also detects movement through glass, wood and stud walls.

Steinel's not only the pioneer of high-frequency sensor technology but also the first to use it successfully for presence detectors. With a whole host of benefits, specifically for applications in public areas, such as WC cubicles. Because HF works without any lens, the HF 360 is extremely slim and bears little resemblance with a "watchdog". This makes it hardly vulnerable to vandalism for example.

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Tegund vöru Viðveruskynjari
Gerð HF 360 COM1
Rofalína Steinel
Varnarflokkur IP20
Litur Hvítur
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Viðveruskynjari US 360 COM1

Áfelldur 360° viðveruskynjari
Gerð: US 360 COM1
Varnarflokkur: IP20
Litur: Hvítur

Detects without obstructions. 360° ultrasonic presence detector US 360, ideal for offices, conference rooms, store rooms and class rooms. 36 sq.m. presence detection zone, immune to obstacles, envelops objects as opposed to penetrating them, detection regardless of temperature, electronically adjustable reach, COM1 for switching light ON and OFF.

Oddly shaped architecture, partition walls or other obstacles present insurmountable difficulties to some sensors. Yet the US 360's dynamic all-round precision detection capability works with absolute reliability behind objects too. Across a radius of 6 metres all round. Even in extreme temperatures. The space-filling ultrasonic waves make it possible.
Vörunúmer: 4007841007935
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Myndavélaskynjari HPD2 IP

Áfelldur HPD2 IP optical skynjari
110° infrarauður skynjari með 10 metra drægni úr 6 metra hæð
Varnarflokkur: IP20
Litur: Hvítur
Vörunúmer: 4007841033965

Viðveruskynjari TPM KNX

True Presence Multisensor KNX viðveruskyjnari
Vörunúmer: 4007841056353
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Viðveruskynjari HF 360 COM1 AP

Áfelldur 360° viðveruskynjari
Gerð: HF 360 COM1 AP
Varnarflokkur: IP20
Litur: Hvítur
Vörunúmer: 4007841751302