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Vörunúmer: 238300

Alhliða LED Töflumagnari


- Switching and dimming light bulbs, HV halogen lamps, electronic transformers for halogen, inductive transformers for halogen, HV LED or compact fluorescent lamps.
- Operation is via upstream dimmer.
- The connected loads are supplied via a common load line.
- Electronic excess-temperature protection.

Technical data:
Rated voltage: AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Standby: 0.3 W
Connected load at 45 °C
- HV LED lamps (leading edge): 50 to 100 W
- HV LED lamps (trailing edge): 200 W
- Light bulbs: 210 to 420 W
- HV halogen lamps: 210 to 420 W
- Gira tronic transformers: 210 to 420 W
- Wound transformer: 210 to 420 VA
Cable length
- Load: max. 100 m
Ambient temperature: -5 °C to +45 °C

- If the ambient temperature is higher than 45 °C, the connected load must be reduced.
- Maximum load and number of power boosters depend on dimmer. Refer to the technical appendix or operating instructions for a reference list.