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Vörunúmer: V-42B2206-001

Mpress Casambi rofi 1F/2F Pure White
*Passa ekki í Gira efni

Designation Mpress Pure White E
E-number E17 118 56
Colour RAL9010
Power supply
Generates energy by pressing on the switch via an
power generator.
Antenna Integrated PCB-antenna
Up to 15 m indoor under ideal conditions
Data speed 125kbps
Channels 2 with 4 active modes
Lenght of movement for energy
generation 1,8mm
Required power for energy generation 9N at room temperature
Number of cycles at 25°C (service life) 100 000, tested according to EN 60669/
VDE 0632
Operating temperature -25°C to +65°C
Size 87 x 87 x 14mm
Weight (complete product) 57g

Nafn eiginleika Gildi eiginleika
Tegund vöru Rofar
Gerð Casambi
Litur Hvítur Pure
Lengd 87 mm
Breidd 84 mm
Dýpt 14 mm