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Vörunúmer: ARCCAG10


Flame resistant and arc flash resistant balaclava, ATPV 12,1 cal/cm²

Standard(s) :
- EN ISO 11612 (A1 and A2 B1 C1 F1) / IEC 61482- 2 / EN 61482-1-2 (Class 1 according to Box test)
- ASTM F1959-05 (12,1 cal/cm² or 25 cal/cm², HAF 81,6% according to open arc method).

Use :

Provides protection of the face and the neck against thermal hazards, especially against burn hazards from an arc flash.

To be used in addition of electrician helmet E-shark (ref : TC42ESBB) or with an helmet + face shield with protection level lower or equal to class 2 or lower or equal to 12 cal/cm².

It does not spread the flame when accidentally it comes in contact.

Specifications :

- Single layer fabric : 88% cotton and 22% nylon
- Aramid thread, flatlock seams.
- Ergonomic shape, length to shoulders with only one opening for the eyes.
- Colour : navy blue
- One size fits all.
- Supplied in individual bag with user’s instructions.

Advantages :

- Very comfortable, ergonomic shape with flatlock seams.
- Possibility to wear corrective glasses.

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