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Vörunúmer: 260567


Rofalína: TX44

Litur: Dökkgrár


- Keypad as an access control system with a capacitive and therefore wear-free button field.
- Frequently used number combinations cannot be recognised.
- Stand-alone device or in combination with the Gira door communication system as a door call system for buildings with several residential units.
- Special button "C": Deleting an incorrect entry.
- Special button "Key": Direct door opening when the correct code has been entered.
- Special button "Bell": Specific selection of home stations in large facilities.
- Special button "F": Switching functions with switching actuators of the Gira door communication system.
- Homogeneous blue LED illumination of the numbers and special characters at night.
- Master PIN number provided on included sealed safety card if administrator PIN number is lost.
- The keypad can manage up to 255 codes.
- Up to 32-digit codes are possible.
- Audible feedback when button is pressed.
- Three-colour LED status display during programming and operation.
- Warning tone in case of unauthorised removal of the keypad top unit for tamper detection. Tampering circuit with switching actuator in the Gira door communication system.
- The two integrated 2--way switch relays can be assigned two different codes, e.g. Code 1: door opening, Code 2: switching outdoor light.

Inputs and outputs
- Connection cable connector strip for the Gira door communication system.

Technical data:
Power supply
- from power supply for door communication: DC 24 V ±10 %
- from the door communication system: DC 26 V ± 2 V
- Number: 2
- Contact: 1 zero-voltage 2-way momentary contact
- Load capacity: AC/DC 24 V / 1.6 A
- Connection cable for door communication: 1 x connector strip
- Relay: 3 screw terminals each
- Additional power supply: 2x screw terminals
Resistance to EMD: up to 16 kV
Installation depth: 35 mm
Ambient temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C

- Keyless In devices can be connected to the Gira HomeServer using the DCS-IP gateway. This enables intelligent links. In this way, e.g. temporary or one-time access authorisation can be easily granted. All data including access authorisations can be managed centrally and flexibly using the Gira
- Integration possible in Profile 55.