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Vörunúmer: 539403

Hitastillir með bluetooth

System 3000

Litur: Hvítur (glans)


- Operation and programming with mobile end device (smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth® using the Gira System 3000 App.
- Operation via capacitive sensor surface.
- Manual and time-controlled room temperature regulation.

Functions on the top unit
- The current time can be stored as a switching time, quick programming.
- Automatic summer/winter time switchover, deactivatable.
- Timer with three memory areas. For each memory area comfort and reduction time for Mon-Fri and Sat+Sun.
- Setting of a comfort, reduction, cooling and frost protection temperature.
- Controller output: Pulse width modulation (PWM) or 2-point control.
- Heating optimisation (the temperature is reached at the set time).
- Adaptation to valves (normally open or normally closed).
- Activation of cooling mode via the insert.
- Supports internal and external temperature sensors.
- Temperature drop detection.
- Operation lock.
- Valve protection function.
- The display switches off after 2 minutes, permanent display of the current time is possible.

Functions with the Gira System 3000 App
- Weekly timer with 40 individually programmable switching points and temperatures.
- Holiday mode (start, end, temperature).
- Boost function: Rapid heating up for max. of 5 minutes.
- Locking of on-site operation possible.
- Integration of an external temperature sensor via Bluetooth®.
- Minimum and maximum temperature values can be set.
- Settings and time programs can be copied to other top units.

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Rofalína System 3000
Litur Hvítur glans