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Vörunúmer: 5501910

Hús 1 MOD 


Litur: Dökkgrár


Independent of the construction progress, the housings can already be installed in the building shell. Cables and modules can then be added when they are needed.
Housings available in metal alloy laquered in traffic white (RAL 9016) or anthracite: all robust materials which ensure durability.

- Very low profile height of just 28.4 mm.
- Vertical and horizontal installation (only for surface-mounted housings, 2-gang, 3-gang, 4-gang and 5-gang) enables optimal adaptation to the installation site.
- Suitable for use on facades with a thermal insulation composite system.

- Surface-mounted housing, 1-gang only for use with door station module and System 106 Keyless In components.

Scope of supply:
- Flat ribbon cable, 10-pole and terminating resistances are included in scope of supply (exception: surface-mounted housing, 1-gang).

Dimensions in mm:
1-gang: 106,5 x 106,5 x 23,35