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Vörunúmer: 125003X

GIRA Utanályggjandi dyrasími án tóls

Litur: Hvítur (glans)


- Completely pre-assembled surface-mounted home station This facilitates fast and clean installation.
- Design diversity thanks to integration into the design line, allowing uniform appearance of door communication and electrical installation.
- Installation possible with or without frame.
- Easy installation with plug-in screw terminals on the mounting plate. Contact to the home station is established when the home station is attached to the mounting plate.
- Easy disassembly of the home station during renovation work.
- Mounting holes for installation.
- Signal transmission and power supply of home station via reverse-polarity-protected and short-circuit-proof 2-wire bus.
- Parallel connection of up to three home stations is possible (with power supply via the 2-wire bus).
- One-man start-up with easy start-up procedure.
- Ringtone differentiation for door call, internal call and floor call.
- Choice of five different ringtone melodies for separate assignment to specific call buttons.
- Speakerphone function (voice-controlled talk-back with echo and background noise suppression).
- Enforcement function for loud background noises during the voice connection.
- Eavesdropping prevention.
- Operating buttons with integrated LEDs for status display.

The operating buttons of the surface-mounted home station control the following functions in connection with the switching actuator or the flush-mounted switching actuator:
- Switching of lights and other functions.
- Control of the door opener.
- Setting the ringtone melody.
- Switching the ringtone on and off.
- Call acceptance.
- Activation of the enforcement function.
- Adjustment of ring tone and voice volume.

Technical data:
Power supply: DC 26 V ± 2 V (via 2-wire bus)
Ambient temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C
- 2-wire bus: 2x screw terminals
- Floor-call button: 2x screw terminals

- Installation without frame is possible.
- A 2-gang cover frame without crossbar is required for installation with System 55 or Gira F100.
- A frame is required for installation in a device box
- This component enables door communication systems with up to 70 devices to be set up (e.g. 1 x built-in speaker, 5 x add-on modules for built-in speakers, 68 x surface-mounted home stations).

Dimensions in mm:
System 55: W 55 x H 127 x D 20
Gira F100: W 70 x H 142 x D 20