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Vörunúmer: 246126

Gira Bluetooth sendir 1F
Bluetooth Low Energy
Litur: Áláferð


- Wireless transmitter for transmitting switching, dimming or blind commands
to the Bluetooth® wireless receivers from the System 3000 or third parties,
e.g Casambi.
- Battery-free device without external voltage supply. Transmission energy is
generated from mechanical energy by actuating the rocker.
- Configuration via the app or NFC.

Technical data:
Wireless frequency: 2,402 - 2,480 GHz
Wireless protocol: Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)
Interface: NFC
- in free field: up to 75 m
- in buildings: approx. 10 m
Ambient temperature: -25 °C to +65 °C
Humidity: 0 to 95 % (without condensation)

- Installation to device box or to smooth, level surfaces using screws or
- This product cannot be used with eNet.

Scope of supply:
- Wireless wall transmitter, comes with mounting plate, adhesive film (privacy
protection for glass surfaces), and adhesive points for installation on
smooth, level surfaces.

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