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Vörunúmer: 535410

4 Rása fjarstýring 


- Two buttons belong to each channel.
- Each pair of buttons can be set as channel or scene function.
- Status LED.
- Battery-operated device.

Can be set with eNet server:
- Fully encrypted wireless transmission (AES CCM) from eNet Server software
version 2.0.
- Signalling of the transmission status deactivatable.
- Operation locks.
- All-On or All-Off scenes, threshold value scenes, and individual scenes can
be configured.
- Configuration of scene button via eNet SMART HOME App (if-then rules) to
trigger actions, scenes, or timers.
- Device software update.

Technical data:
Rated voltage: DC 3 V
- Type: CR 2450N
- UN no.: 3091

- Batteries are consumables and must be replaced regularly. Please observe the
regulations on the disposal of used batteries.