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Vörunúmer: 217600

EIB Ofnaloki Heimeier 


- Electric motor-driven servo with one binary input (zero-voltage) for
mounting on thermostat valve bases (recommended: Heimeier) for controlling
heating or cooling systems.
- Suitable for room temperature control, e.g. on radiators, convector heaters
or heating circuit distributors on floor heating, etc.
- Screwed onto valve head.
- M30 × 1.5 mm connection.
- Integrated bus coupler. The servo is a proportional drive and can be
directly integrated into the KNX system (without additional bus coupler).
- Supply voltage is drawn from the KNX system.
- Integrated temperature sensor.
- Integrated room temperature controller.
- Mechanical indicator for valve travel.
- Automatic detection of valve travel.
- One input. This can be used as a binary input or for connecting an external
temperature sensor with the following functions:
Switching, dimming, blind, as dimming value transmitter, as brightness value
transmitter, as light scene auxiliary unit with and without memory function,
as remote temperature sensor or as temperature limiter for underfloor heating.
- Switching function: two independent switching objects are available for each
input (switching commands can parameterised individually), command for leading
and trailing edge can be set independently (ON, OFF, CHANGE, no reaction).
- Dimming function: Single and double-surface operation, time between dimming
and switching, telegram repetition and stop-telegram transmission possible.
- Blind function: Command can be set with rising edge (no function, UP, DOWN,
CHANGE), operating concept can be configured (Step - Move - Step or Move -
Step), time between short and long-term operation can be set (only with Step -
Move - Step), slat adjustment time can be set.
- Value transmitter function: Edge (button as NO contact, button as NC
contact, switch) and value with edge can be configured, value adjustment by
pressing and holding a button for value transmitters possible.
- Lighting scenario auxiliary unit with or without memory function.
- Can be used in a heating circuit distributor.
- Protection against jammed valves
- Corrected variable (1 bit or 1 byte).
- Cyclical monitoring of the corrected variable.
- Fault message object for drive faults.
- Emergency operation via internal temperature sensor.
- 2 forced settings or 1 forced setting and 1 limit value object can be set.
- Minimum and maximum variable limit can be set.

Technical data:
KNX medium: TP256
- Connection: M30 x 1.5 mm
- Valve: 1.0 mm to 4.2 mm
- Regulating power: 80 N to 120 N
Cable length
- Connection cable: 1 m
- Length of the connection cable for each KNX line (sum total applies to all
servos present in the line): max. 30 m
- Binary input/remote sensor: Max. 10 m
Number of servos for each KNX line: 30 units max
Protection type: IP40
Ambient temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C