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Vörunúmer: 211400

EIB Gólfhitaliði 

Stærð: Sexfaldur

Gira KNX


- Heating actuator for switching thermal servos for heating or cooling
- Control using 1-bit or 1-byte corrected variable telegrams.
- For 1-byte correcting variables, the outputs are controlled by pulse width
modulation (PWM).
- Servos with the characteristic "de-energised open" or
"de-energised closed" can be controlled.
- Servos can be activated with rated voltage 24 V or 230 V.
- Overload protected, short-circuit protected.
- Standard protection.
- Feedback via bus e.g. for overload and short circuit.
- Switching the heating circuit pump (standard functions).
- Passive group feedback of the closed servos.

Technical data:
KNX medium: TP256
Outputs: 6
Contact type: Triac
Power loss: max. 1 W
Switching voltage: AC 24/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Switching current: 5 to 160 mA
Switch-on current: max. 1.5 A (2 s)
Number of drives per output
- AC 230 V drives: 4
- AC 24 V drives: 2
Connections: max. 4 mm²