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Vörunúmer: 234700

Þráðlaus eining fyrir 234602


- Wireless module for the wireless connection of smoke alarm device Dual Q.
- Downwards-compatible, therefore it can also be used for smoke alarm device Dual/VdS.

Technical data:
Wireless frequency: 433.42 MHz
Range (free field): approx. 100 m
Power supply: from the battery of the wireless module
- Type: CR 2/3 AA lithium
- Capacity: 3 V
- UN no.: 3091

- If one smoke alarm device detects a fire, all assigned smoke alarm devices sound the alarm.
- The wireless module is plugged in at the interface of the smoke alarm device Dual. The networking terminals of the smoke alarm device can continue to be used when the module is attached. This allows combined lines to be set up (wired or via radio).
- Due to the compatibility to the wireless bus system, alarm messages can be used to control the wireless actuators. This can be used for example to switch on the light or raise blinds in the case of an alarm.
- With a wireless remote control or wall transmitter, the smoke alarm device can be muted following an alert of approx. 10 minutes. If another networked smoke alarm device triggers an alarm during this time, e.g. via the 2-wire cable or radio transmission, the smoke alarm device outputs an alert despite muting.
- From Index status I02, the wireless module for the smoke alarm Dual is compatible with the wireless diagnostic tool (2333 00).
- The battery can not be purchased from Gira as a spare part.

Scope of supply:
- The battery is included in the scope of supply.

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